Video And A Pint: Dinosaur Jr. “Watch The Corners”/Sierra Nevada Tumbler

Here’s a part of Now Beer This where I’ll post a new video and a new beer I’ve recently tasted. Not necessarily trying for pairings here, just cool new stuff.

Today we have the new one from Dinosaur Jr.’s upcoming album, I Bet On Sky. The video features Tim Heidecker, of Tim And Eric and Tom Goes To The Mayor. The song rocks, with a darker, heavy riff to it. Adding to the darkness of the sound is the video. When I heard Tim Heidecker was involved, I was expecting to laugh or be grossed out, preferably both. But the video for “Watch The Corners” is just well done, and proves Heidecker doesn’t have to be weird to make something cool. But just in case, I’m going to post a weird Tim And Eric skit too.

The new beer for today is the 2012 Sierra Nevada Tumbler, which I  just tried yesterday. It’s a nice, deep amber colored brown ale. Perfect for the cooler autumn days ahead. Tumbler is made with Challenger and Yakima Goldings hops. It’s got a little smokiness, some toffee flavor on the taste. For a fall offering that’s not pumpkin-related, it’s a pretty solid brew. Although compared to some of my favorite brown ales (such as one of my own home brews or  a humble Newcastle), it does fall a little short in my opinion.


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