Maiden and Stone Night @ Idle Hands Bar

It’s always good to see more people getting in on the whole “beer and music pairing” thing. It’s even better when it’s one of my favorite bars!

The wonderful Idle Hands Bar, located downstairs at 25 Avenue B, is a staple stop for me anytime I’m in New York City. Their slogan is “Bourbon. Beer. Rock.” which doesn’t really need much more description to tell you that it’s a great place to hang. They have an extensive bottle selection, as well as a few kegs of hand-selected greatness on tap (it’s my go-to pick for Southern Tier Pumking in the fall, and it’s also the only place I’ve had the Defiant Brewing Mastodon Pumpkin Porter on tap!). In addition to the good vibes I always get from going there, Idle does a lot of cool music-related events. From weekly DJ-nights to band beer pairings and concert after-parties, there’s always something fun going on.

I’m most excited for the event going on next month-Stone Brewing Company is teaming up with Idle for a night of great beer and Iron Maiden records!


As you may know, Clive Burr, the former Maiden drummer, passed away this week after a battle with MS. Idle will be donating a portion of the proceeds from this event to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. For $10 plus a suggested $5 donation, you get a lot of awesomeness:

– 1 taste of featured bourbon / whiskey
– 3 tastes of featured brewery
– 2 full pours of featured brewery
– 1 order of Tater Tots from That Burger w specially made dipping sauce made with featured brewery

What’s a more fitting way to honor a the memory of a great drummer than drinking beer and listening to metal?


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