Pig Destroyer Beer to Destroy Palates

There are a lot of awesome bands have their own craft beer. I mean, now that even Iron Maiden has the Trooper Ale, where do you go from there? That said, making beer is pretty much the most metal thing you can do outside of making music. And 3Floyds Brewing Company of Indiana is as metal as craft brew gets. They actually have a Dark Lord Day on April 27, which is the only day their coveted Dark Lord Imperial Stout can be purchased, and is celebrated with copious amounts of alcohol and live music. Awesome, right?

Their latest beer release is a collaboration with Pig Destroyer, a little deliciousness called Permanent Funeral, named after the track on their most recent record Book Burner. Their label, Relapse, posted the photo below on their Facebook:

It’s a pale ale, but it looks like it packs a wallop, especially with a 10.5 ABV.The label reads, “the wolf inside this pale ale is trying to walk upright”. I can only assume that this means I’m going to have more than a little trouble walking upright after I drink a few of these.


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