Q&A: Goat Herder- New Haven Metal

When it seems like there’s an overabundance of local bands starting up, sometimes it takes a little more for newer bands to stand out. Luckily for New Haven’s Goat Herder it doesn’t take much for them to make their presence known. I caught them at Cafe 9 last month, and was impressed by what I saw. They aren’t reinventing the wheel when it comes to their sound, but they have a blast doing it live on stage and blending the best parts of punk rock, metal, and hardcore.

They will be playing at the Summer Slamfest at Toad’s Place this Friday and I chatted with drummer Sean Saxton about the band.

Can you give me a brief history of the band?
We were formed in Summer of 2012 as a project to keep us from starting trouble. Since then we have been playing the local CT circuit and a jaunt out to Philly (thanks to the Punks!).

What can we expect at the show at Toad’s?
An all out throw-down. It is SLAMFEST after all!

Who else is on the bill?
Crown of Life
Dangerous Animals
Goat Herder
Mongolian Monkfish
Nine Lives
This Was A Tragedy
Woodstock Band

Have you ever played with any of these bands before?
Nope, but there is a first time for everything.

I’ve heard rumors that the show at Toad’s is your last before heading into the studio. Can you tell me about your upcoming recordings?
We are recording with Vechel Jaynes as producer. We look forward to offering up an album with some raw intensity that the people dig.

Will it be a full length or EP or just a handful of songs, and where will it be recorded?
10 songs in somewhere in Milford or Hamden. Hey, we are musicians not cartographers.

Tell me about one of your most memorable shows.
We don’t have so many shows under our belts that each one does not stand out for one reason or another. Life is an adventure. We always have a blast and look forward to more memorable moments supporting our new album.

I know Nick is a homebrewer. With plenty of bands like Pig Destroyer and Corrosion of Conformity having their own beers, how would you guys feel about having a beer named after you?
Like we finally made it. And we would consume mass quantities.

What would you want it to be like?
Cheap, dark and tasty; that’s how we like ’em.

What’s your after-show beer of choice?
Whatta ya got?

Goat Herder will be performing at the Summer Slamfest at Toad’s Place in New Haven on Friday, June 26. The show starts at 7:15, get there early so not to miss all the awesome bands on the bill. Tickets are available in advance for $8.50 online or at the box office, or at the door day-of-show for $12.


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