Best of 2013: The Records

Yup, it’s that time of year for making lists and checking them twice. To see what records were my favorite this year. I’ll also be doing a list of the best beers I drank this year too, but that’s coming soon.

10. Motorhead- Aftershock- UDR

Health issues can’t stop Lemmy. Motorhead’s 21st album shows that the band has absolutely no plans to stop rocking and melting faces off of a whole new generation of new fans.

9. Tegan and Sara- Heartthrob– Vapor/Warner Bros.

I forget sometimes that Tegan and Sara have been a band since 1995. 2013’s Heartthrob is a fun record, great for dancing, and a new facet to the sound of the insanely prolific duo.

8. Big Star- Nothing Can Hurt Me- Omnivore

The soundtrack to the documentary of the same name is a chronological trip through Big Star’s initial career, comeback, and aftermath of the death of Alex Chilton. It’s pretty cool to listen to in that way, even though most of the songs are ones people familiar with the band know well. I’m just glad I get to put a Big Star album on my year end list!

7. Clutch- Earth Rocker– Weathermaker Music

Lead by one of my favorite beards in rock, Neil Fallon, Clutch’s follow up to 2009’s “Strange Cousins From The West” is a beast of a record, and their live show supporting it even moreso.

6. Skeletonwitch- Serpents Unleashed– Prosthetic

The fifth studio album since their first in 2004, Skeletonwitch is quickly becoming one of the hardest-working bands in metal, and their records are becoming better and better with each one that comes out.

5. Frank Turner- Tape Deck Heart– Xtra Mile/Interscope

Although Frank Turner’s records seem to continuously move away from his hardcore days in Million Dead, the man writes some killer melodies and great lyrics.

4. Ghost- Infestissumam– Loma Vista

Ghost continues to impress me with everything they come out with. Channeling 70s-psych with well-placed organs, Papa Emeritus and his band of Nameless Ghouls do a great job of making an interesting, at times strange, second album.

3. Kvelertak- Meir– Roadrunner

My new favorite Norwegians melted my face off with their self-titled debut record, so as soon as I heard they were recording a sophomore album, I was psyched. Meir doesn’t break any boundaries, but I would definitely say it’s just as fun listen as their first record.

2. Mark Mulcahy- Dear Mark J. Mulcahy, I Love You– Mezzotint/Fire

One of New Haven’s finest. Mulcahy’s first record since 2005 is a wonderful pop album. There really isn’t a bad song on it in my opinion.

1. Neko Case- The Worst Things Get, The Harder I Fight, The Harder I Fight The More I Love You– Anti

I keep returning to this record since it came out. Neko Case continues to wow me with her songwriting, and I was also lucky enough to catch her performing songs from this live at Radio City Music Hall earlier this fall. The songwriting style is personal, but can be interpreted in many different ways, which is something that really drew me to this record.

Honorable Mentions:

Suicidal Tendencies- 13- Suicidal

Black Sabbath- 13- Vertigo/Universal

Janelle Monae- The Electric Lady- Wondaland/Bad Boy

Blood Ceremony- The Eldritch Dark- Metal Blade



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