Black Ales For Black Friday: Record Store Day Picks and Pre-Work Beers

It really is awesome that there are so many Thanksgiving beer pairings around the internet. But it made me wonder what beer someone working on Thanksgiving night (aka myself) or Black Friday should consume before heading into the masses. In keeping with Now Beer This Tradition, I’m also including a list of the only things worth buying on Black Friday: records. At local retailers, of course.

The beers are accessible, and can generally be easily found throughout our great state of Connecticut. When you need to take the edge off before work is not the time to be searching for white whales. But, hey, if you happen to have some rare and interesting things in your beer collection, drink up!

Two Roads Brewing Route Of All Evil

This is a black ale, which is the color I often use to describe my heart. It is delicious though. I always think of black IPAs as the stout-lovers IPA, but they really are for everyone. The hops are so good- very pine-y, Northwestern US varietals in here. It’s dark with a nice viscosity when you pour it in a glass. and at 7.5%, it’s almost guaranteed to take the edge off.

Full Sail Brewing Session Lager

I love this beer. It isn’t anything special. Just a simple lager from the great state of Oregon. They package it in little rounded bottles, similar to Red Stripe, and it makes me just about equally happy. I like showing this one off to certain family members of mine who think that all lagers are made by Anheuser Busch.

Founders All Day IPA

My quintessential session beer. So much tasty hop flavor. Citrusy, not floral, it’s really one of the few beers I can honestly say I will drink not only all day, but all year long. With a 4.7% ABV, it’s definitely a pre-work beer that will keep you functional but not fucked up.

Crispin Browns Lane Hard Cider

The cider of ciders. It’s not sweet at all, comes in a tallboy can, and is the perfect combination of being refreshing and not wimpy. I was drinking this last night, and today marks the first Thanksgiving in years that I’m not hungover. Obviously, it’s a miracle elixir. Or I am just growing up and I don’t need to get wasted the night before Thanksgiving anymore. I’m sticking with miracle elixir.

Record Store Day is a wonderful opportunity for me to be as nerdy as possible about records. Their annual celebration of mom-and-pop record shops is held on the third Sunday of April, but it does so well that they have made the day after Thanksgiving special too. Here are my top 5 picks for what the best releases on RSD Black Friday are. You can see all of them here. There are also a good amount of Christmas records, including the only one that matters, Run-DMC’s “Christmas In Hollis”.

Dead Milkmen- Big Lizard In My Backyard- 12″ colored vinyl- Asbestos Records

They Might Be Giants- Flood- 12″ colored vinyl- Asbestos Records

Husker Du- Warehouse: Songs and Stories- 2x 12″ colored vinyl- Warner Bros.

J. Mascis- “Fade Into You”/”Outside”- 7″- Sub Pop

In case you are wondering what J. Mascis covering Mazzy Star sounds like, it’s awesome.


WU TANG “C.R.E.A.M.” 10″ die-cut vinyl

Wu-Tang Clan: C.R.E.A.M. (Die-Cut) Vinyl 7

Redscroll Records in Wallingford is one of my favorite record stores. If you are going to venture out of your house at all on the day after Thanksgiving, they are probably one place that is worth going. This year marks their 8th annual Blackout At Sunrise sale. It actually takes place all weekend, so you can pop in Saturday or Sunday as well to avoid the masses and still get some good deals. There are definitely other record stores across the Nutmeg State, and you can search for them here.

Anyway. Be safe out there, kids. Don’t kill anyone over that Record Store Day Phil Spector Christmas album. It is really good though.


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