Girls With Beerds

Women are getting beards. Or should I say, Beer’d. Beer’d Brewing, of Stonington, CT is teaming up with the Connecticut chapter of Girls’ Pint Out for two brewing sessions on January 18.

Beer’d Brewing opened up fairly recently, and is considered a nanobrewery with its 3 BBL capacity. Beer’d states that their small size allows room for experimentation, and what better way to experiment than bringing in beer-lovers to collaborate on a brew? They have joined forces with breweries such as Night Shift out of Everett, MA and Relic from Plainville, CT. And now I will get to join those ranks, as I just signed up for one of the brewing sessions. As of this post, there are two spots left in the first session, so if you are reading this and interested, I recommend signing up ASAP. You can also request to be on the waiting list in case someone cancels.

Girls’ Pint Out is a nonprofit, national organization to build a community of women who love craft beer. There are over 50 chapters since the first one started in Indianapolis in 2010.

I’m actually surprised that I have not gotten involved with Girls’ Pint Out before now. I feel like I have no idea how to make new friends as an adult, and this is basically a perfect opportunity to do so, combined with something I love- craft beer. Best of all, there is no membership process or fees; you just go out and enjoy beer with fellow ladies who also enjoy beer. For anyone interested, Girls’ Pint Out will be visiting Stubborn Beauty Brewing in Middletown this Saturday, January 5.

I’ve said a few times how I hate the term “female brewer”. We are all brewers, and I am not really into drawing gender lines and don’t even get me started. But I do love meeting new people, and I am totally okay with hanging out with some great ladies who are as into beer as I am.


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