Now Beer This

Welcome. I started this blog three years ago to combine the two things I love most: music and beer. Here you’ll find reviews of beers and records that I’m excited about, as well as other fun stuff related to the two from myself and guest writers. Beer/Record pairings, Bar/Concert reviews, beermaking recipes, and more.

I have spent the past several years working in different areas of both the music and beer industries. I spent a good amount of time working at a craft beer bar and music venue. I think local music and local brews are important and getting to work with both was what inspired me to start this blog. To share my tasting and music notes with outside of the bar in hopes that you’ll get excited about them too.

Life has changed a bit since I started this site, but my love of music and beer hasn’t. The updates may be a little different and less regular, but still just as meaningful. The twitter and instagram posts will still be just as weird and directly related to the beers I am drinking at the time.


-Kristen “My Brew’s Sick” Bayusik


3 thoughts on “Now Beer This

  1. Nice blogsite. I saw the link on CT Beer and Wine. Huge craft beer guy here, so always nice to find fellow craft beer lovers. Was interested in the beer bar in Hamden. I had never heard of the Outer Space. Do you guys change your tap list often? Loved what I saw especially Green Flash and Founders on draft. Would have sent you a Facebook message but didn’t see your blog linked to Facebook. Just wanted to let you know I enjoyed reading it!

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