Single And A Pint: Automatic Children “Now You Know”/Sixpoint Hi Res

Single And A Pint: pairing a new song with a new beer I’ve tried. This week we’re taking it to New York, with Automatic Children and Sixpoint Brewing.

THE SONG: Automatic Children “Now You Know”

Automatic Children take all the best qualities that made me fall in love with some of my favorite bands growing up (such as The Pixies, Sonic Youth, The Replacements) and creates catchy, guitar-friendly pop songs all their own. Plus I’ve known a few of them from my college radio days and they are an awesome group to share a pitcher of beer with.

“Now You Know” showcases the female-male vocal interplay between Crista Guiliani and Adam Lippman, with a beautiful effect. The video was shot in Brooklyn, fitting since most of the band resides in New York. It features shots in different decades and periods of time, which stemmed from the band shooting at Film Biz Recycling, which has lots of interesting props hanging around. The song itself is easy to relate to- about finding a connection with someone you’re just getting to know. and the warm guitar tones harken this track to something you’d listen to on a turntable with some good friends and good beers. It’s familiar without feeling trite. Basically, its a perfect soundtrack to what I do every weekend.

You can pick it up on a 7-inch pink vinyl, with another one of their tracks “Johnny”.

Expect to hear more soon from Automatic Children. The band plans to record more over the summer, and hopefully have an EP or full album out later in the year.

THE BEER: Sixpoint Brewery- Hi Res- Brooklyn, NY

As the slogan says, this beer goes up to 11. Kind of like the volume you’d expect at one of Automatic Children’s live shows. The name says it all- it’s a higher octane version of Sixpoint’s popular IPA Resin. Despite it’s 11% ABV and whopping 111 IBUs, it’s surprisingly drinkable. And like the rest of Sixpoint’s offerings, it comes in a concert-friendly can.