Bikes And Beers: Holiday Edition!

It’s nice when all of your favorite things come together at once. For me (and I’m sure many others!) this will happen on Saturday, December 8th. The CT Beer Trail, The Luck And Levity Brewshop, Devil’s Gear Bike Shop, and the Outer Space are all teaming up for a holiday edition of Bikes and Beers.

I’m shockingly unfamiliar with this, which is sad because I think cycling and craft beers are a fantastic pairing. I mean, Harpoon Brewery certainly has it right, with their annual Brewery 2 Brewery ride. 148 miles is a lot for me at the moment, so I’m going to work up to it starting with Saturday’s Bikes and Beers. This is a charity event for Toys for Tots, so you just need to bring an unwrapped toy and then commence with the cycling and beer-consumption. I’ve already answered “yes” that I will be dressed in holiday attire (which makes me wish I had this gem of a sweater). I don’t own a bicycle helmet, but I do own antlers. In fact, if anyone else wants, I even have a spare pair. It’s not going to be too long a ride: meet at the Outer Space at 1 PM, take a quick pit stop at Luck and Levity, and ride back. So if you’re downright clumsy on anything that doesn’t require a clutch or engine, this ride won’t give you too much room to fall off. At least that’s what I’m hoping. Food trucks, holiday celebrations, and $3 libations will be in store after the ride at the Outer Space as well.

If you so choose, you can RSVP on facebook here. You can also help the cause by picking up a Bikes and Beers shirt or CT Beer Trailblazers Club Membership at the Outer Space that day. Hope to see you riding!