REVIEW: Tegan And Sara “Heartthrob”/Rodenbach Grand Cru

THE RECORD: Tegan And Sara Heartthrob Warner Bros/Vapor 2013

Canadian sisters Tegan and Sara have been making solid records for quite a few years now, but they are one of those bands that I definitely don’t listen to enough. Until now. This record is a case where a strong single really makes a difference and draws you in, at least for me. I heard their first single “Closer” a week or two ago and I literally can’t stop listening to it. The whole synth-pop thing is something I hear from a lot of bands lately. I have to admit, I’m not really into it because I hear it so often, and it’s not always done that well. But Tegan and Sara have always released really awesome material and are great songwriters that this move into a little more pop sheen totally works for them.

I love the piano on “I Was A Fool”. The clean sound to it acts as a contrast to the electronic beats in the background in a really effective way. It gives it character, and a more personal, human quality. Which is how I see this whole record- it has the songwriting that listeners have come to expect from T&S with a pop sensibility.

I don’t go out to clubs or anything to dance. It’s just not what I do. There isn’t enough good craft beer on tap at these places. But if I did, I would definitely want to hear this record. It’s a dance-pop record for real people who want to hear something better.

The video for “Closer” is a lot of fun too. Check it out below after the beer talk.

THE BREW: Rodenbach Grand Cru

Yum. This isn’t a beer I can drink every day, but it’s great once in awhile or for a special occasion. It is a Flemish-style red ale from the nearly 200-year old Belgian brewery Rodenbach. It pours a dark, brownish red with a subtle tan head. Tasting this beer is almost on par with tasting wine in the flavor profile. Plums, green apples, and cherries are all abundant on the nose. Although the sweet fruit flavors are strong on the nose, the taste is much more sour and dry than the smell would make one imagine. I think it’s really interesting how Rodenbach blends their brews- aged with unaged- so each batch has a totally unique flavor.


In general, I’m not really into fruit-heavy beers. However, Rodenbach is always delicious to me. It’s a well-made fruit-forward beer. I think that it mirrors the way I feel about Heartthrob. I’m not usually into the electronic pop sound that so many bands are putting into records lately, but when it’s done well, it works and I can’t get enough of it.