LocalBrew: Shebeen Brewing

The 4th of July holiday gave me an extra day off, so I got the chance to check out Shebeen Brewing in Wolcott, CT.


The brewery opened earlier this year. Pronounced “shuh-been“, The brewery’s name comes from the Irish word “sibin” which means “an unlicensed establishment or private house selling alcoholic liquor“. Basically, the term for local brewhouses. Shebeen has already created a variety of interesting brews. I tasted the Irish Pale, Royal IPA, Pineapple Wheat, Cannoli Beer, and Rye Porter. I was hoping to try the Bacon Kona Stout and the Concord Grape Saison, but they did not have any kegs available. I definitely plan on returning when they brew more of those two!

The Irish Pale, at around 3% alcohol, is a perfect session beer. Light, slightly sweet, a great beer for all-day consumption.

The Royal IPA was excellent as well. I tasted it both at the brewery and at a local bar, the Pourhouse Tavern, which is one of a handful of bars starting to carry brews on tap from Shebeen.

The Rye Porter is lighter and has many qualities of a brown ale, with more of a toasty flavor.

The Pineapple Wheat was surprising. The tropical flavor was not overwhelming, and the pineapple taste was strongest on the finish.

I love that they take classic styles and put an interesting spin on them. My favorite that I tasted was the cannoli beer. Sweet and spicy, I tasted vanilla and cinnamon. An awesome sweet beer, and a perfect alternative to the sweet stouts I enjoy so much. I also loved the presentation on this one- the glass was rimmed in powdered sugar and the fluffy, cream-colored head was sprinkled with cocoa dust.


If the numerous beers already brewed aren’t enough of an indication, the size of the brewery shows that there is a lot of room for growth. During the tour, the head brewer explained that he purposely got a larger space (2,500 square feet!) that they could expand into quickly, without running out of room.

The brewery has tasting hours Wednesday through Sunday, which vary by the day and can be checked out on their website here.