Q&A: Natalie Tuttle

Working at a craft beer bar that is also a music venue definitely has its perks. It’s one thing to see great musicians every night, but it’s another to work with them. The Outer Space’s own Natalie Tuttle will be playing a show at the Spaceland Ballroom with Ohio singer-songwriter Griffin House on Wednesday, November 6. I did a quick Q&A with Natalie about some of her favorite records, being a performer who’s also an engineer, and of course, her favorite craft beer.

You have a show with Griffin House at the Spaceland Ballroom coming up. What can we expect? Are you playing solo or with a band?

I will be playing the show solo. This will be my first solo show in 3+ years. I am excited to present some brand new material!

You’re an audio engineer- how does your background in sound affect you when you’re on the other side of the console- as a performer?

Being a sound engineer and performer can make me a bit more specific at times as well as helps me find my “comfort zone” on stage by communicating with the sound engineer my specific needs.

What are some records you’re listening to right now?
I am currently listening to “Repave” by Volcano Choir, Blackberry Light by Charlie Mars, and any Jackson Browne song I can get my hands on as well as Andy Mckee.
What are some older or less recent records that you return to for inspiration in your songwriting or performing?
I tend to find my inspiration from live performances/life experiences. Live performances by James Taylor, Dave Matthews, Tim Reynolds, Owen etc are really what inspire me to become a better performer.

As a fellow employee of the Space compound, we love our craft beer. What are some of your favorites right now?

This is a loaded question. I love our IPA selection – Lagunitas IPA would be one that sticks out.
Check out Natalie’s music here and see her live at the Spaceland Ballroom in Hamden, CT on November 6!