REVIEW: Steven Wilson “Hand. Cannot. Erase”/Stone Pale Ale 2.0

At the encouragement of several people, I am going to start writing reviews again. It’s been awhile, so many of these records won’t be that new. However, they are all ones I’ve enjoyed very much. The first one might be my favorite record of the year, and it is from a musician that I respect a great deal- Steven Wilson. While I generally love everything he has a hand in, his most recent solo album Hand. Cannot. Erase. felt more personal to me than his other recordings. I was also lucky enough to see the album performed live in New York this spring, which really brought it to life. Continue reading “REVIEW: Steven Wilson “Hand. Cannot. Erase”/Stone Pale Ale 2.0″


Nerding Out With W00tStout

Basically, if you want something to be cool, pair it with a beer. I think that’s the point of this blog. Even things that explicitly exude nerdiness get cool when they collaborate with a beer. Case in point, the latest from Stone Brewing Company, the Stone Farking Wheaton W00tstout.

“Oh, you love the thing that I love? Let’s love it together!”

-Wil Wheaton

I tried it on draft this weekend at the Outer Space. It’s probably not the beer of choice to drink at 2 in the afternoon, but it needed to be tested and time was of the essence. I was thrown off by the “partially aged” description. Upon research, I learned that one quarter of the batch was aged in bourbon barrels. So the beer did not have such an intense bourbon flavor, which was just right since there were so many different flavors at work.

It pours the color of dark chocolate, with a short, deep tan head. It is nutty, from the pecans that it is brewed with. Slightly sweet, mildly toasty. Although I had it on draft, I would be interested to pick up a few bottles for aging.

At 13% ABV it’s a bit of a monster. Fellow Outer Space drinker Sean C. says, “W00tstout is a destroyer. I think that is the strongest beer I’ve ever had.”

Wil Wheaton is best known for his role on Star Trek: The Next Generation. He is also a fellow blogger whose musings you can check out here.

Drew Curtis created the website which provides weird, funny, and interesting news from around the Internet daily.

What would I pair this brew with? Well, I would probably have to say one of my favorite bands, Rush. Like Stone, Rush has been putting out solid material for years. Like Wil Wheaton and Fark, Rush has definitely developed a strong following in the “geek” community (I’m putting it in parenthesis because I really mean the AWESOME community). In the end though, craft beer lovers come from all walks of life and personalities. The more people that practice good beer-drinking habits the better it’ll be for everyone else, so drink up, and try the w00tstout if you see it on draft or in a bottle.